Fontes Litterarum

Typographical Creation and Literary Expression

(Ed. Markus Polzer and Philipp Vanscheidt)

Media are not innocent. Writing is not either. It is more than a transparent transmitter of meaning. Literary Studies have ignored this for a long time. Meanwhile designers of fonts and books have searched for new creative ways between economic demands and aesthetic requirements. Furthermore, many authors are not indifferent to how their books look like.

The project »Fontes Litterarum« tries to bring these three perspectives into line with each other, to oppose them, to show points of contact, and to make frictions perceptible:

  • Fontes Litterarum, sources of letters: Letters have their own history; the history of their production, distribution, and reception. By this history they become charged with significance.
  • Fontes Litterarum, sources of documents: Documents receive their breath of life through their letters, and their layout on paper. The design and layout of these letters is the substratum of all literary products.
  • Fontes Litterarum, sources of literature: The design and the layout of letters is also the substratum of Belles-lettres.
  • Fontes Litterarum, literary fonts: If writing takes part in the aesthetic reality of literary texts, it will support the aesthetic use of language, or block it, or enter into a productive encounter with it.

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